"My training from Gary was very effective in improving my strength and endurance for playing hockey. He took the time to learn what drills and conditioning were necessary for this task and implemented these into my work outs twice a week. What impressed me the most about Gary was his careful record keeping and his genuine concern for my health outside the gym. I don't know of any other trainers who are so diligent."
--Mark Ferguson - Bedford TX 
CEO Air Worth AC And Heating
"Everyone needs an extra push sometimes and that is what Gary has done for me.  I have been training with Gary for the last seven months and I am in the best shape of my life!  He has taught me things about nutrition and using a heart monitor to get the best results possible.  It has been awesome and I couldn't have gotten there without him." 
--Tina Matthews - Keller, TX
L.D. Bell Head Basketball Coach 

"I have been training with Gary for 3 years. I have seen a big difference in my strength and muscle tone. Gary is a great encourager . He is committed to seeing each individual become healthy and fit."
--Kim Symons - Hurst, TX
Age 53, Mother of 4

"My name is Traci Foreman. My father Greg Foreman, who is 76 years old started with Gary and liked him so much, he pulled me into the workout. We have been going now for four years. I truelly did not realize how out of shape we both were. Gary not only motivates in a very positive way, he walks his talk. The workouts are not to socialize for sure. You are there to put in a 1/2 hour or hour of a workout molded for your needs. There is diet help, journaling help, positive email, reading marerial, and a work out molded to your needs. My father and I workout during the same hour, but my work and his is a bit different. This has helped my father so much. Gary has been working on my father stretching, cardio, and strength. I feel pop has recovered faster from surgeries because of the workouts. I was back in the gym 1 week after knee surgery, Gary formed the workout around this injury and helped me rehab. I thank God we all crossed paths. I can go to the gym an d workout, but not at all like the workout Gary gets me to do. If you want a real trainer, A REAL TRAINER, at the same prices you'll pay a :( "trainer" and I've watched many "trainers" at lifetime, that do not come near Gary, Then he's your guy. Go no further. Your life can change now"
--Traci Foreman - Hurst, TX
Independent Business Owner

"Gary is a true professional.  He pushes me beyond what I could do on my own.  I have been pleased with the results I have achieved with Gary in my two years of training.  It is has been well worth the expense and I highly recommend him to anyone serious about getting healthy."  
--Shannon C.- Colleyville, TX

"In the last twelve months my life has changed significantly for the better. At several pounds lighter, my self esteem is on the rise.  I was at my all time highest weight, weighing in at 190 lbs!! After trying many diets in the past, I was desperate.  I was praying and asking God to help me. One day while talking to a co-worker, I was told about Gary Benkendorf who was a personal trainer.  I was skeptical because I had two other personal trainers in the past with minimum to no success.  Gary was able to set me up on a plan and a time that worked well for a 47yr old working mother.  Twelve months later, this is the new me.  His compassion and knowledge was great and he is very patient as well. He never hesitated to address any questions or concerns that I had. If you are serious about changing your life too, I totally recommend Gary Benkendorf as your personal trainer. It made a permanent difference in my life and I’m most confident that it will make a difference in yours too!"
--Leisha Dupree Williams - Ft. Worth, TX
Senior Analyst Regulatory Compliance / American Airlines
"I have been working out with Gary for approximately 2 months. It has been a nonstop challenge that he makes fun! An hour workout session goes by so quickly because of the way he changes up the routines and works in the necessary cardio. I don't think we have done the same workout twice!Which would explain the quick results in how I feel.  Gary sets goals that are attainable and helps you get there through constant support.  Even if you dread weekly weigh-ins, you'll be looking forward to them just to see where how all your hard work is paying off. Gary listens to your concerns and is a constant companion even when you are not in the gym. Gary provides gentle reminders of what will help you achieve those goals whether it be what to eat or how to get that extra boost of cardio that day.Gary is responsive and super encouraging, which is what I need most! I know I can depend on him to be there. He listens and he cares. He wants you to achieve your goals as much as you do and is there to fuel your fire!"
--Kim Williams
I am a fairly health conscientious person and always try to stay active and eat healthy for the most part. In Jan 2006 I had major surgery with many complications involving nearly 3 months of hospital stay. I lost plenty of strength and muscle tone over the course of that recovery. In May 2007 my husband encouraged me to sign up for personal fitness training with Gary. Gary researched my diagnosis and procedure in order to get an idea where I had been. He encouraged me weekly and worked on a plan for me to follow. He always was positive and polite and very knowledgeable with his advice. I currently workout 2-3 days per week, always remembering what Gary taught me. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking for a personal trainer. 
--Lucy Ferguson - Bedford, TX
Mother of 2

        NCCA Nationally Accredited
      American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
       The Cooper Institute Certified
Let me...Inspire, Motivate & Empower You to Make a Healthy Change
When I met Gary a few years ago, I knew he stood out from the crowd. Gary and I work in the same industry and most of us tend to operate alike unfortunately. But not Gary! He really surprised me when I realized how personable and approachable he was. He makes you feel very comfortable.
His goals for his personal life and his business don't match the industry's standard.... they go above them! He has a genuine heart and care for his clients. He ensures that each one gets exactly what they need! He doesn't train in the typical cookie-cutter way. Each person is different and he draws from their uniqueness because he himself stands out.
Whatever Gary does, he does with excellence. Anything he puts his hands to will prosper; whether it's in the fitness industry or not.
To anyone seeking Gary for aid in their own life or for his employment... he comes HIGHLY recommended! Gary is a wonderful, compassionate, knowledgeable man of integrity, and anyone would be beyond blessed to have him on their team!
--Lindsey Crowe
 Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer

"My husband and I have been training with Gary for over 3 years. We are in our late 50's and early 60’s and needed to improve our fitness level and, in my case, lose weight. Both those goals have been met beyond our hopes and expectations. I have lost 30 pounds and we have greatly increased our strength and stamina. Gary's style of setting reasonable and attainable goals kept me on track at a pace that enabled me to succeed without ever feeling deprived. We only give Gary two hours per week in sessions, but he has given us back years of increased health and fitness."
--Kay Lester - Ft. Worth, TX
LRPH-State of Texas

"I've been training with Gary for 7 years. When I came to him, I was 182 pounds. My quality of life was affected by depression, body aches and pains and low energy. Gary saved my life. His ability to motivate worked. He held me accountable without making me feel like a failure. I wanted to improve. Within 5 months I lost 50 pounds. I have maintained my weight consistently ever since. I am a woman, 60 years old and am in better shape both physically and mentally than I have ever been. Next to God, I owe my life to Gary. He is phenomenal. His experience, Cooper training, physical and nutritional knowledge are exceptional. "
--Deborah White - Colleyville, TX
Professional Life Coach and Mother of 2 teenagers

"Gary is a wonderful PERSONAL trainer and I emphasize personal because he makes you feel like you are his only client. He is very knowledgeable and gets results while encouraging every step of the way! He often says "your success is my success"... He truly means it."
--Juli Matyosvsky - Keller, TX 
Independent Real Estate Professional

"During the summer of 2010 I tore my right ACL in a wake boarding accident. For months I was laid up and unable to-do anything active. When I began walking again I quickly realized just how out of shape I had become. I knew that I needed a professionals help. 

Gary came highly recommended and after a brief introductory visit I knew he was the one to help me on my journey back. He asked me what my goals where and he developed a realistic plan for me to achieve those goals. Within 7 months I had lost over 25lbs and things were looking great. I began wake boarding again that summer and wouldn't you know it I tore the ACL in my other knee(38year olds should not attempt flips!). Gary didn't skip a beat he put together another plan for me and I was able to work out up until the week of my surgery. This "pre-hab" really helped out with my recovery. I am now 8 months post-op and got back into the gym with Gary about 5 months ago. I am back on track to losing the inevitable weight gain from surgery and expect to be in great form for the summer. 

I would recommend Gary to anyone who is serious about, improving their fitness, losing weight, while living a healthier lifestyle. 

100% Recommendation----Thanks Gary!"
--Will Chisum - Euless, TX
Kimutis/ Chisum & Associates

"Having used Gary as a personal trainer for a number of years I am happy to report that my physical fitness has improved by leaps and bounds."
--Lisa Lachance -Skier - Richland Hills, TX
Program Coordinator
I've known Gary for over 25 years and can honestly say he lives his life and fitness values with an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything he sets out to do. When I turned 50, my doctor told me to drop 40 pounds so I called Gary for some motivation, structure and accountability. I was not disappointed and reached my goal in just over 6 months. His coaching and encouragement were invaluable to my progress and I know I would not have succeeded without his mentoring. Spend 15 minutes with him and his passion to help and expertise to guide you will be obvious. Few people have the ability to inspire others in a one on one setting to achieve meaningful, personal goals. Gary is one of the few! 
--Dennis McCaslin - Arlington, TX
National Account Manager - Shred-it

Gary is a trainer who not just really has studied his craft, but communicates and lives it as well. I have been working with him for over 3 years and feel like I benefit from his efforts as a trainer and a health guru daily. He's been the key to losing 40lbs and counting. Wasn't easy but he kept me on track when times got tough. Also talked me in to going back to school which has been the best thing yet going for me. Being in my mid twenties It also helps Gary can relate to me and teaches me something new about life and fitness. Highly recommend Gary if your looking for a great trainer and a stand up guy who is serious about his craft.
--Arturo Rosales - Ft. Worth, TX

In December, my husband I decided to start the journey to a healthy lifestyle. After doing some research, we found Gary on ideafit.com. We reached out to Gary, and he was so prompt in responding and scheduled an initial consultation. Within moments of meeting Gary, I knew that he was the one that would help me be successful in my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Gary is an excellent motivator, enthusiastic about what he does, and his positive outlook/attitude is infectious. Gary emails peer reviewed articles that help keep me focused, as well recipes that help me try new healthy dishes. Gary is not just a personal trainer in the gym, he is truly invested in my success, all the way around. Gary also sends texts to check in, and sometimes I’ll be out with friends when I receive them, and the response is “You’re trainer is AMAZING”, and I say “Yes, yes he is indeed!” Truly blessed to have found Gary and would highly recommend him to anyone! 
--Cari Norz - Bedford, TX
SW Medical Mental Health Clinician

As a divorced mom of four kids, I often find myself overwhelmed. About a year ago, I realized that I needed to focus on helping my oldest improve his health, but I was completely overwhelmed to even think of ways to try to help him, let alone begin to implement things. We were so blessed that part of the way God provided for us was for Gary to begin working with him. He has helped my son in ways I never could have predicted and in ways that were far beyond what I expected. Not only has my son lost over half of the total weight he would like to lose, he has also gained 17 pounds of muscle. But bigger than that, he is motivated to eat, drink, sleep, and live healthier. And bigger than that, he IS healthier: more confident, more relaxed, more motivated, more of who God made him to be. 
Gary is the most gifted encourager I have ever met. I have watched him help my son choose goals for excellence, teach him fitness and health knowledge, and encourage him every step of the way. Somehow, Gary binds all that together with deep compassion and a true desire to help. It has been amazing to watch the transformation as my son has grown from overwhelmed and lethargic to confident and empowered. 
I recommend Gary with the brightest five stars possible.
--Beth Roesch

I have known Gary for 18 years and can attest to his professionalism and knowledge of health and fitness. Apart from being an excellent trainer, knowing the right exercises to challenge me to achieve my fitness goals, I enjoyed getting peer reviewed articles from him to read at the end of each session as it brought a broader perspective of the exercises Gary had me accomplish each session. Gary is also an excellent coach, motivating me at the right time when I would start to slack off with timely reminders about the goals I wanted to achieve for myself.
Working with Gary I was able to achieve my weight and fitness goals - without him I don't believe I could have run my first Half Marathon last year under two hours.
I perceive Gary's goal for his clients is to provide the tools so that they can make healthy habits their own for a lifetime
--Steve Ip - Ft. Worth, TX
Special Projects Manager / American Airlines

Gary is by far the best trainer anyone could have. With Gary, I did not only gain a trainer when working out with him, but a great friend. I wake up each morning excited to workout. He has a genuine passion for his clients success. He tailored my workouts to meet my personal fitness goals based off my fitness level and health. He isn't one of those trainers you find at the big box gyms that walks around with a clip board checking off your workout. Gary takes the time to demonstrate how your supposed to complete every exercise and coaches you until you have it mastered. Another great thing about Gary is that he stays in constant contact with me through e-mails, text messages, and phone calls. When I was away from the gym traveling, Gary would send me at least a text or 2 a day asking how I was doing and if I am sticking to my eating plan. The best part about Gary is his incredibly positive attitude and high energy. It's contagious! Do yourself a favor and get to know Gary. 
--Rich Thomason - Keller, TX
Secondary School Teacher-Keller ISD

My name is John Voglis and I have had the awesome privilege to call Gary my friend, personal trainer expertise! Gary is truly a remarkable, passionate person at heart and is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. What separates Gary from many other fitness instructors is his sincere desire to motivate, encourage and equip you to maximize your fitness goals. Gary is simply the epitome of a fitness professional. Gary was instrumental in preparing me for my several triathlons have competed. I would HIGHLY recommend Gary to anyone who is seeking a fantastic fitness trainer. 
--John Voglis - Philadelphia, PA
Speech Specialist

Gary has trained me for several years. I am 67 years old and his expertise has kept me vital and active when others my age are beginning to move around like "old folks". He stays current via Cooper Clinic continuing education and has extensive knowledge of physical training and nutrition. He breaks down a workout into simple sections and explains the why of each particular exercise and continually monitors how you react, both physically and mentally, to each section. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who is serious about their health regimen. 
--Skip Freeman - Colleyville, TX
Real Estate Appraiser, 40 years

"I've known Gary for about 10 years. And over those years, I've had the opportunity to train with him. He has never disappointed. There is a HUGE difference between a certified trainer and someone who gives themselves the title, yet has never been certified in fitness training. Gary is kind, considerate, knowledgeable, professional and very patient. He spends time getting to know you, what your strengths & weaknesses are, your motivation and goals. Then designs a program to help you reach those goals. He's your #1 cheerleader. I was coming off some negative trainer experiences when I met Gary and after working with him, it was such a positive experience, I cannot say enough good things about him and his approach to personal training. You will not be disappointed..."
--Sue Alder - Bedford, TX

"I've known Gary for about two years now. He's very smart and knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness. I would highly recommend him if you need a personal trainer."
--Marcus Patterson
 DPS DFW Airport Police Officer