At DFW Fitness Connection whether your goal is getting back to a better level of fitness from a long break or injury, to run or walk your first 5k or marathon, ride your 1st or your best Hotter than Hell or Epic ride, Tough Mudder, or your first bodybuilding competition. My philosophy is simple. Utilizing decades of experience and "tools in my toolbox" have been results driven. In setting your personal program I will get to know you and what motivates you, then create an approach around your schedule to get you there. 

One thing is for sure, a better performing body comes from a better functioning one. Let's get started! 

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"My success is measured not by how many clients I have, but about successful clients losing weight and keeping it off.  Clients feeling better about themselves and taking full advantage of their new lives."
--Gary Benkendorf, CI - CPT
Cooper Institute Ambassador

                                                             GARY A. BENKENDORF - Owner
                                                                                     NCCA Nationally Accredited
                                                             Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer 
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National Certification #CPTE100315-119987
    Inspire, Motivate & Empower
CPR and AED Certified - March 2018
              Infant, Child, Adult
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"Getting the most out of life through a better functioning body"
                        Specializing in:

      -Healthy Behavior Change
      -Weight  Loss Management
      -Flexibility / Injury Rehab
      -Body Building / Toning and Shaping
      -SMART Goal Setting to get you there