My promise is simple. I train you for life, as life poses our biggest challenges. If you haven’t made the time to take care of yourself with a Fitness program you should make time for illness that’s sure to come. For those older adults needing to get started after years of little to no meaningful physical activity, sooner is better.  Stop the excuses.  I understand and can help you.

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"My success is measured not by how many clients I have, but about successful clients maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.  Clients feeling better about themselves and taking full advantage of their new lives."

--Gary Benkendorf, ACE - CPT
Cooper Institute Ambassador

       NCCA Nationally Accredited
     American Council On Exercise Certified Personal Trainer 
     The Cooper Institute Certified
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National Certification #CPTE100315-119987
    Inspire, Motivate & Empower
CPR and AED Certified - March 2018
              Infant, Child, Adult
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" Integrating evidence-based training science, technology and wisdom to help guide my clients to a better quality of life through a better functioning body"
                        Specializing in:

      -Healthy Behavior Change
      -Weight  Loss Management
      -Flexibility / Injury Rehab
      -Body Building / Toning and Shaping
      -SMART Goal Setting to get you there
      -Older Adult Fitness Programs